Radios for Hot Spots

ProSoft Technology presents the 802.11n Industrial Hotspot™, a series of radios that facilitate deployment in the field.

ProSoft Industrial RadiosProSoft Technology presents the 802.11n Industrial Hotspot, a series of radios that facilitate deployment in the field using a single webpage setup. The RLXIBIHxN Series not only boasts 802.11n technology speeds, security and flexibility, but also meets the specific needs of industrial customers who demand ease of deployment, ruggedness and reliable industrial communication. According to the company, Industrial Hotspots also boast:

  • Reliable RadioLinx® 802.11n I/O message delivery, industrial temperature ranges and hazardous location ratings.
  • RADIUS security for centralized management of security policies, VLANs for network traffic segmentation, and quality of service for data prioritization and dual-radio functionality.
  • More performance for high-bandwidth video/voice applications, and high packet-rate control applications.
  • Better signal sensitivity and range in environments like mobile factory settings.
  • Multiple-input, multiple-output technology, which uses up to 3 antennas to enable high-speed data rates up to 300 Mbps.
  • Operation in the 5GHz Band, which contains 23 non-overlapping channels.