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Kollmorgen introduces Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Kollmorgen introduces Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ – a high performance machine automation solution comprised of intuitive software, in-breadth motion components and comprehensive engineering services. The company feels this system can help OEMs move from concept to completed machine in less time, with fewer in-house engineering resources by simulating the machine’s operation in advance of connecting all components. The process entails collaboration between an experienced Kollmorgen expert and the engineer to generate a roadmap. Next, the team identifies key product attributes and performance characteristics used to specify the right components for the machine.

Engineers use Kollmorgen Automation Suite to program and refine automated functions, including line shafting, gearing and camming. The Suite is also used to fluidly incorporate the specified Kollmorgen components, including software, controls, HMI, I/O, drives, motors and mechanicals. Complex coding is replaced with a single programming environment. In addition to all of this, Kollmorgen experts are available to provide start-up and troubleshooting assistance, on-site deployment consultation and customized training.

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