Lightweight, Portable Concrete Vibrators

Air-piston UH, UHVM and VGVM concrete construction vibrators from Cleveland Vibrator Company feature:

  • Portability.
  • Adjustable frequency for forms, hoppers, bins, chutes, and more.
  • Powerful linear vibration with either impact, or air-cushioned pistons for reduced noise level.

The UH and UHVM concrete construction vibrators:

  • Are made for bins, hoppers, chutes, concrete forms and anywhere else a permanently mounted vibrator can impede production.
  • Are available in 1-1/4 in. (3.2 cm) or 2 in. (5.1 cm) diameter piston versions.
  • Have adjustable high frequency vibration for maximum efficiency.
  • Are equipped with the identical alloy steel stud mounting head which allows the products to be used interchangeably (UH and UHVM 1-1/4-inch models only).

The VGVM air-piston concrete construction vibrators:

  • Are lightweight and portable, making them easy to handle and popular with operators.
  • Attaches quickly to any structural member.
  • Uses serrated jaws to bite firmly on metal or wood.