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Gas Chromatography Flow-Rate Probe

Thermo Fisher Scientific's GFM Pro Flowmeter is designed for the continuous real-time measurement of gas flows.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. recently released the GFM Pro Flowmeter for continuous real-time measurement of gas flows. The flowmeter:

  • Ensures accurate and reproducible chromatography.
  • Has the capability to measure both positive and negative vacuum flows from 0.5 to 500-mL/min and –0.5 to –500-mL/min.
  • Uses a CE-certified probe to measure the volumetric flow of any gas with an accuracy of +/– 2 percent.
  • Automatic shuts off when the measured flow exceeds 600-mL/min.
  • Has an explosion-proof rating.
  • Data saved and stored on a USB device for accurate monitoring of flow values over longer time periods.