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Vibration Tester for Rapid Machine Diagnostics

Fluke Corporation's 810 Vibration Tester identifies machine problems and rates the severity on a four-level scale.

Fluke Corporation has introduced the 810 Vibration Tester, which enables maintenance teams to rapidly collect data and diagnose and solve mechanical problems. The tester:

  • Diagnoses the most common mechanical problems of unbalance, looseness, misalignment and bearing failures in a wide variety of mechanical equipment.
  • Identifies a problem and rates its severity on a four-level scale.
  • Uses context-sensitive on-board help menus to provide new users with real-time guidance and tips.
  • Uses a Fluke tri-axial TEDS accelerometer, which detects vibration along three planes of movement and transmits that information to the Fluke 810.
  • Uses a set of algorithms to provide a plain-text diagnosis of the machine with a recommended solution.
  • Includes Viewer PC software, compatible with Windows XP and Vista, to generate diagnostic reports.