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Blends, Heats, Cools & Adds Liquids

Munson Machinery's MX-1-SSJ miniature rotary batch mixer achieves 100 percent batch uniformity in less than 3 minutes.

According to Munson Machinery, its MX-1-SSJ miniature rotary batch mixer not only achieves 100 percent batch uniformity, but it also accomplishes it in less than 3 minutes while heating or cooling the batch. The company also says that the mixer comes with:

  • The capability to blend bulk ingredients and add liquid with an internal spray line.
  • The lifting and directing of the entire batch into the discharge spout for complete evacuation without residual material, thus minimizing waste while facilitating rapid, thorough sanitizing without tools.
  • The flexibility to be effective at blending batches from 100 to 15 percent of its 1-foot3 (28 L) capacity.
  • The power to distribute tiny ingredients with 100 percent uniformity regardless of disparities in bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics of batch ingredients.
  • A jacketed mixing drum that can be piped to an oil, steam or chiller system.
  • A discharge chute to direct discharged material flow.
  • Both a diagonal and vertical tumbling motion.
  • Proprietary lifters that continuously cut out portions of material and fold them back into the main body of the batch for rapid particle distribution without degradation.
  • 304 stainless steel contact surfaces, plus continuous polished welds with 0.25-inch (6-mm) radii.
  • Wide spacing of internal flights for easy access.
  • External removable seals.
  • Suitability for 3-A and USDA lab or production applications, in addition to industrial applications involving contamination-sensitive materials or frequent product changeovers.

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