Fine Vacuum Gauge with Corrosion Resistant Transducer

BrandTech Scientific's DCP3000 fine vacuum gauge incorporates the VSP3000 transducer, which is substantially more chemically resistant than earlier designs.

BrandTech Scientific has released a vacuum gauge that uses the Pirani principle of thermal conductivity to measure in the fine vacuum range. The VACUUBRAND® DCP3000 gauge:

  • Incorporates the new VSP3000 transducer, which is substantially more chemically resistant and mechanically robust than earlier designs.
  • Can connect up to three additional VSP3000 transducers.
  • Uses automatic configuration of the display unit to gauge heads and solenoid valves via the VACUU•BUS plug-and-play system.
  • Can connect up to four additional VSK3000 capacitive gauge heads for the rough vacuum range.
  • Can add a solenoid vent valve to vent the application.
  • Has a range of display pressure units: Torr, millibar or hectoPascal.
  • Has digital and analog displays to provide both precise readings and trend indication.
  • Uses a “turn-and-push” jogwheel interface to allow easy navigation of menus.
  • Includes 100-230VAC / 50-60Hz universal power supply with US, CEE, UK, CH and AUS plugs.