Pipeline-Cleaning Pigs

Process Pigging Systems' new Pig Detectors feature a non-intrusive magnetic sensor and no mechanical parts.


Process Pigging Systems' Pig Detectors for Pipeline CleaningPig Detectors used for cleaning pipeline systems are now available from Process Pigging Systems. Features of the detectors include:

  • A non-intrusive magnetic sensor and no mechanical parts.
  • Compatibility with all pigging systems that utilize a magnetic field to locate the pig in the pipeline.
  • Detectable at high speed or stationary when used with the bi-directional PPS Pigs.
  • Highly visible indicators that show green for power on, red for pig detected and amber when the output volt-free contacts are energized, providing “at a glance” status updates. 
  • 12–24 V DC power.
  • A configurable stretched output pulse to compensate for the PLC scan time lag.
  • Internal range and span calibration to maximize efficiency. 
  • The ability to reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent and CIP chemical consumption by up to 30 percent.