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Electropositive Pleated Filters for Lenticular Housings

Argonide Corporation's NanoCeram-LR ™  pleated filter cartridges remove small particles, bacteria and viruses from water at high flow rates.

Argonide Corporation recently released the NanoCeram-LR™ (NCLR) high performance pleated filter cartridges designed to replace lenticular filters. This pleated filter cartridge has a lower shipping weight and holds less water, easing the process of filter replacement. Other features include:

  • Non-woven filter media matrix infused with nanoalumina fibers, creating an electropositively-charged depth filter.
  • Ability to remove small particles (including colloidal iron and TOC’s), bacteria and viruses from water at high flow rates.   
  • Drop-in replacements for lenticular filter cartridges.
  • Greater dirt-holding capacity, higher efficiency and wider operating pH range compared with other charged lenticular filters.
  • Initial bacteria and virus retention greater than 6 LRV.
  • SDI (Silt Density Index) values averaging < 0.5 and turbidity levels < 0.01 NTU.
  • Optional NanoCeram-PAC technology, with powdered activated carbon integrated into the media.
  • FDA-compliance and appropriate for food contact.

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