Multi-Purpose & Multi-Output Inclinometers

FRABA-POSITAL has released the ACCELENS line of low-cost inclinometers that provide both analog and digital outputs. The devices are available in a wide range of configurations, including two axis versions that measure angular displacements of up to ±80º in both axes, and single axis models that have a range of 0° to 360º and can be used as replacements for single-turn potentiometers or rotary encoders. Other features include:

  • Factory calibration to ensure accuracy and linearity of ±0.15º over their entire range.
  • Electronic interface, which provides a combination of digital and analog outputs.
  • Digital output via an RS232 interface, which can also be used to program device parameters such as zero-offset, reporting mode (continuous or polled), reporting rate and baud rate.
  • CANopen certified interface for larger-scale systems.
  • IP68 (NEMA 6) rating.