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PEEK-Bodied Disposable pH Sensors

Invensys Operations Management's Foxboro® PH12 Series of disposable, 12-mm form factor pH sensors use the process industry's first polyetheretherketone bodied sensor.

Invensys Operations Management has released a family of disposable pH sensors in the widely used 12-mm form factor. The Foxboro® PH12 Series features:

  • The process industry's first polyetheretherketone (PEEK) bodied sensor.
  • Advanced diagnostics, fast response, long life, and high accuracy and stability.
  • Optional glass body.
  • Flat, ruggedized glass pH electrode or a domed pH electrode.
  • Temperature performance range from minus 15° up to 125°C.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • A Nafion ion barrier, which protects the reference junction.
  • Non-metallic (Kynar) solution ground, which enables cost effective sensor diagnostics.
  • Optional Foxboro FIT12 mounting accessories, including NPT, ANSI flange and sanitary versions with configurable dimensions, sensor protection and materials of construction.