Intelligent On-Vehicle Computer

I.D. Systems, Inc. introduces its 4th-generation Vehicle Asset Communicator® (VAC), an intelligent, highly configurable, RFID-based, vehicle-mounted computer. The new VAC is simple to install and its universal electrical architecture works on any OEM brand of lift truck, from 12-volt internal combustion (IC) vehicles, to 48-volt AC electric vehicles, to 100-volt DC electric vehicles. Its patented mounting bracket is universal as well, capable of affixing to both flat and curved surfaces, with unique protection for the unit's connecting cables. A simplified wiring harness also helps minimize installation time, as does the VAC's unique Installation Wizard, which guides the user through the installation process and instantly verifies the accuracy of vehicle sensor interfaces. In addition, the 4th-generation VAC has a smaller overall hardware footprint than earlier versions, so it can be mounted easily on even the smallest vehicles, like pallet jacks.

I.D. Systems, Inc.