Video Surveillance Solutions


Netrepid and LowV Systems announced they will be presenting the latest in hosted video surveillance solutions at INTERPHEX 2014 to show companies in the pharma and biotech industries how they can improve their security technology at a scalable cost without the need for increased manpower. For decades, companies of all sizes and in numerous industries have been storing surveillance and security footage the old fashioned way - on CDs, DVDs, or in some cases - still on VHS tapes. Today's leading security and surveillance systems can integrate access control, camera surveillance, networking and cloud services into a single solution. Combining these technologies together allow companies in the pharma and biotech industries the ability to focus on their business and main growth areas, while also:

  • Improving their surveillance and security processes
  • Deploying new technologies on a low risk platform
  • Maintaining a scalable cost structure relative to their needs
  • Reducing required manpower and service calls




INTERPHEX Booth #1565