Palletizing Drones


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Drones may soon offer a cost-effective and scalable alternative to traditional palletizing methods, as demonstrated by the latest Demo3D video commissioned by Qimarox of the Netherlands. With little superstructure or extensive hardware to install, a drone-based palletizing solution could be deployed rapidly, and should be capable of a relatively high sustained load throughput. This palletizing process can be redesigned at any time without having to move or adjust any of your machines, all that is needed is to change the coordinates in the software that controls the drones. Capacity can easily be increased or decreased by simply switching more drones on or off. It is even possible to use a single drone to operate multiple end-of-line packaging lines. The biggest limitation is currently the weight that a drone can carry. Currently, drones are being tested that can lift products of up to 2.3 kilograms. However, the technology is developing so rapidly that weights of up to 10 kilograms should be possible within the foreseeable future.


Emulate3D, Inc