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Cooking Up 500 & #186;F Conveying

No. 992 2-zone belt conveyors

Grieve presents its No. 992 2-zone belt conveyor with 500ºF (~260ºC) electric heat and 48 KW (24 KW per zone) installed in Nichrome wire elements to heat the oven chamber. The conveyor consists of 2 work zones that each encompass—in order—a 2-ft. (L) insulated entrance vestibule; a 4-ft. (L) insulated heat zone with recirculating airflow; a 2-ft. (L) insulated exit vestibule; a 1-ft. (L) open zone; a 5-ft. (L) cooling zone; and a 1-ft. (L) open-belt loading and unloading zone. The No. 992 additionally incorporates:

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