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Watering Down Volatile Organic Compounds

Bullet List Flow rates starting at 110 mL/min. (or 95 mL/min. for CE-compliant versions), depending on process pressure.

Microfluidics has added 3 new Microfluidizer® bench-top processors — the M-110P-20, M-110PS and M-110P-20S. Used to create stable emulsions, and disperse incompatible chemicals or ingredients, these high-shear fluid processors can reduce volatile organic compound levels by increasing water content. With the ability to work with a 50-mL minimum sample size, the M-110P-20 mid-pressure processor's ceramic interaction chamber decreases the number of passes, while delivering nano-emulsions, nano-suspensions, nano-encapsulations and nano-dispersions at 20,000 PSI or lower levels. While both work with 25-mL minimum samples, the M-110PS features diamond interaction chamber technology, whereas the M-110P-20S is integrated with a ceramic interaction chamber. According to the company, all M-110P processors grant:

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