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Avoiding A Potentially Explosive Situation

An explosion-proof drum discharging system


Material Transfer & Storage presents its explosion-proof drum discharging system, which is also accommodated by a surge hopper. The system provides the sealed discharging of drums (that contain explosive powders) into a custom stainless steel surge hopper. According to the company, the system also consists of:

  • A surge hopper with a quick-release top cover, a bin vent filter system with pulse-jet cleaning and an actuated discharge gate with 42 in. of clearance beneath it.
  • A patented Control Linkβ„’ rotation system for controlled 180Β° drum rotation for maximum product discharge.
  • Type 304 stainless steel contact surfaces.
  • An electrical system meeting Class II, Division I, Group E requirements.
  • Custom design to meet your application requirements.

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