Instrumentation That Carries Some Graphic Weight

Cardinal Scale recently launched its 825 Spectrum weight indicator with a full spectrum of rich colors and graphics on its 640- by 480-pixel interactive touch-screen backlit LCD. The company says the 825 is also loaded with:

    • Complete onscreen ticket configurability.

    • The capacity for unlimited truck storage IDs.

    • Fast digital fill control management.

    • Color-coded checkweighing operations.

    • The power to monitor up to 10 scales onscreen simultaneously.

    • Various connectivity accommodations, such as 8 digital I/O (4 input/4 output), availability of 10 option slots,
    • Ethernet (TCP/IP or EIP), USB (2 USB-A/1 USB-B), DeviceNet/iCan and 3 serial ports, plus optional scale input cards or 8 optional programmable I/Os with a counter.

    • The capability to filter and sort truck storage reports onscreen.

    • The power to easily upload databases or download from the indicator to PC using the file manager.

    • The management of up to 10 scale cards weighing at 200 samples per second independently.

    • The ability to monitor weight at 200 samples per second for instantaneous gate cutoff.

    • Checkweighing applications that provide instant operator recognition of weight status by color.

    • A progress marker and large color bar around the weight readout that change to indicate user-definable zones.

    • 2 ColdFire® processors and 64 MB of user memory.

    • A color-coded QWERTY keyboard for easy data entry.

    • Simple navigation keys and intuitive menus.

    • A 5.25- (W) by 4-in. (H) LCD.