High Pressure Valve Applications

Parker Instrumentation has launched ball and needle instrumentation valves optimized for high-pressure fluid control applications operating at up to 20,000 PSI/1379 BAR. The 20K Hi-Pro ball valve utilizes a 2-piece construction to reduce potential leak paths, simplify valve installation and minimize over-tightening when fitting the tubing ends. It is fully bidirectional and is actuated by a 90º turn for fast on/off action with stops for positive user feedback. PEEK (polyetherketone) seat material allows operation over a wide temperature range from -20º to 200ºC (-4º to 392ºF). In contrast, the 20K H-Series needle valve has a multi-turn action, which provides a fine flow control mechanism. The valve's metal seat allows operation over a wide temperature range from -54º to 200ºC (-65º to 392ºF). According to the company, shared features include:
  • An integral gland adjuster secured by Parker's proprietary Tru-Loc® mechanism, which works on the floating ball principle.
  • Fabrication from 316 stainless steel.
  • Corrosion-resistant and heat code traceable versions.
  • Availability with 1/4”, 3/8” or 9/16”, or 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-mm tube connections.
  • Maximum flow rates of 0.66 Cv for the needle version and 1.56 for the ball valve with 6-mm bore sizes.
  • The ability to be configured with Parker's high-pressure, high-vibration Phastite® tube connector ends, which reduce assembly time as a seal is made in seconds by simply pushing the Phastite collar along the tube using a hand-held hydraulic tool—as the collar moves, it forces profiles on the internal sleeve to bite for a leak-tight seal.