Smaller and Quieter Compressors

The Com-paK Plus line of tri-lobe blowers has been expanded with the CB 110 and CB 130C units, which deliver up to 434 cfm at pressures to 15 psig and vacuum to 15 in. Hg. Features include a smaller footprint than previous models, a removable front panel for easy access, and a simplified check valve for customization on site as well as an angled inlet filter for quicker cartridge changes. The standard sound-dampening enclosure reduces typical noise levels to 75 dB(A) or less. Units come completely assembled with blower, motor, and silencers. All maintenance points, including the automatic belt tensioning device, oil drains, and filter elements, are accessible from the front. All utility connections are at the rear, allowing multiple units to be mounted side by side with no need for additional access clearance. An integral ventilation fan provides cooling, and optional weather hoods are available to protect against severe environments.

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