Back Pressure Regulator

Able to achieve precision better than 0.25 in. water column, the NL Series offers precision and sensitivity. With no moving parts, the frictionless design controls process pressure to within 1-2 percent of setpoint over extremely wide flow rates ranging from 1:1000. By using a fluid reference signal to communicate the setpoint to the device, the unit delivers hands-off precise flow control for automated process streams. The regulator is available from 1/4 in. through 1 ½ in. NPT in SS316, PTFE, PVC, and other materials. Standard regulators reduce a higher supply pressure down to some regulated lower pressure downstream of the device. Back pressure regulators work the opposite way, regulating the higher upstream pressure by opening up only as much as necessary to hold back the desired pressure upstream. Back pressure regulators work just like relief valves, but the emphasis is on steady state pressure control instead of on/off pressure protection. Back pressure regulators are normally used for control of pressure in recirculating loops, relief of excess vessel pressure, and vacuum regulation

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