Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System

The VM-Series hoist integrated vacuum lifter features a four-pad vacuum attachment and is useful for safely handling four 3-1/2 gallon pails at the same time to speed loading and unloading. Easy to align, each pad has a spring-loaded suspension and can be adjusted along an aluminum beam and locked for the proper placement of the pails on shelves, skids, or in boxes. Employing a venturi vacuum pump that runs on shop air, the lifter achieves a 27 in. Hg high vacuum level with low air consumption and is quiet running. It has a two-speed chain hoist, and all controls are fully integrated and mounted on the control handle. The four-pad vacuum attachment can be changed for other lifting tasks. List price is $3,995.

Anver Corp., Hudson, MA; 800-654-3500;