Heavy-Duty Process Pump for the Biodiesel Industry

System One centrifugal pumps offer a heavy-duty design configuration for use throughout biodiesel production processes. Designed around the seal, where 90 percent of pump failures occur, the pumps have a stiffer heavy-duty shaft and larger bearings, resulting in the widest operational window off the Best Efficiency Point (BEP), than standard process pumps to improve mean-time-between-failures and reduce maintenance costs. The pump is available in all three ASME/ANSI frame sizes, each boasting the lowest L3/D4 stiffness ratio of any standard competitive size pump. The Frame S is a heavy-duty alternative to standard small frame pumps, delivering capacities to 450 gpm (102 m3/hr). The Frame LD17 is said to have the stiffest shaft in the industry, which reduces seal and shaft failures and reaches capacities of 1,400 gpm (320 m3/hr), and is available in IPP metric construction. The Frame M is engineered with the same heavy-duty advantages with capacities to 4,500 gpm.

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