Shaft Seal for Radial and Axial Misalignments

The OFS-series seal permits radial and axial shaft misalignments in top-entry agitator shafts on reactors, fermenters, crystallizers, and similar machinery without compromising the integrity of the seal face. A positive drive mechanism allows drive shafts to float axially through the seal without affecting the seal face, while maintaining spring force on the seal. The seal’s design also permits radial eccentricity while a companion steady bushing limits angular misalignment. The seals have proven effective in containing vacuums and a variety of gases, vapors, and fumes even at high speeds and temperatures. Seals are available fully split. In addition, their reliability reduces the need for downtime to replace failed seals — which in many machines are difficult of access and take days to replace — and cuts the possibility of leaks of harmful vapors from products into the atmosphere.

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