Bulk Forklift Container

The P-333 Ship Shape bulk forklift container, which features an optional hinged panel, opens on one side to promote easy access to goods for fast, ergonomically sound order picking and assembly operations and seals shut for secure lifting and transportation. The hinged panel also permits quick visual inspection of contents without requiring removal of the cover. Designed for the transport and storage of scrap materials and recyclables, bulk chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and other loose, granular, and powdered products and materials, the reusable container accommodates up to 700 lbs on a standard 44 x 44 in. footprint. It can be stacked two high when covered, nests for efficient storage and returns, and provides palletless lift access from two sides.

Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Ashtabula, OH; 800-829-4535