Lock-Out Relays

Types WL-2 and WL field-proven lock-out relays (LORs) can be used to automatically trip and lock out circuit breakers and other devices, protecting this critical equipment from damaging electrical faults. These LORs are manual reset devices and can be provided with or without handle-trip capability. Type WL-2 LORs are used primarily where the simultaneous operation of many contacts is required, promising reliable service in new facilities or replacing worn or failing units in older ones. Featuring a low-current magnetic trip mechanism, they are available with nominal operating voltages ranging from 24 to 250 VDC or 120 to 480 VAC. Options include a built-in rectifier to decrease operating time at 110 and 22O VAC where only alternating current is available for control. Type WL LORs are engineered to provide reliable protection in older facilities. They are available with up to 10 stages, where each stage constitutes one circuit (one double series break contact) made up of two stationary contact fingers and one moving contact segment. A variety of trip coils for both DC and AC control voltages are available. Type WL LORs are insulated for 600-volt service and have a continuous current-carrying capacity of 20 amperes. Prices start at $625.

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