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Accurate Interface Detection

According to Fluid Components Intl., the FlexSwitch® FLT93S flow/level/temperature switch


According to Fluid Components Intl., the FlexSwitch® FLT93S flow/level/temperature switch provides accurate interface detection, especially for the operation of separation tanks and other vessels with mixed density media, as a result of:

  • Monitoring, controlling and alarming flow rates or levels of critical fluids, such as foams, emulsion layers, liquids and slurries. 
  • A rugged design and housing for reliability and long life even in the harshest environments in chemical refining, waste treatment and other industries.        
  • A dual-function insertion-style instrument that offers either flow/temperature sensing or level/temperature sensing.
  • Standard dual 6-amp relay outputs that are assignable to flow, level or temperature. 
  • Reliance on the specific heat transfer properties of the media to identify the interface of different products. 
  • A dual switch point option to allow 1 instrument to control 2 different product interfaces, while 2 or more switches are used to control product discharge and intake at specified points.
  • Operation over a setpoint range in water from 0.01 to 0.5 FPS (0.003 to 0.9 MPS). 
  • A level/interface accuracy of ±0.25 inches (±6.4 mm) and measurement repeatability of ±0.125 inches (±3.2 mm).
  • Operating temperatures from -40° to 350°F (-40° to 177°C), plus an option to withstand temperatures from -100° to 850°F (-73° to 454°C).
  • Built-in temperature compensation to adjust for changes in operating environment temperatures to ensure that trip points remain accurate, and to prevent false alarms or alarm failures.
  • A selection of standard and custom process connections.
  • A standard coated aluminum alloy enclosure, while stainless steel or fiberglass enclosures also are available.
  • Accommodation for ATEX locations and a NEMA Type 4X (IP66) rating.

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