Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Enhancements


Microsoft Corp. recently announced new capabilities and enhancements to its Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. The RoleTailored visualization capabilities allow partners to create innovative visual custom controls using Microsoft technologies such as Silverlight, while additional personalization capabilities such as improved data entering and quick navigation can result in appreciable time savings across an organization. Customers also benefit from having direct access from within the Role Center to the latest product information and user forums through a feature called Connect. In addition to visualization capabilities with Client Extensibility, the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV features include the following:

  • Data entry enhancements such as the ability to make calculations in fields, enable single-cell data copying and Excel-like navigation.
  • Filtering improvements such as Advanced Search features that allow customers to search for pages, report views and other items with the Search box, just like in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook .
  • Keyboard shortcut changes that improve navigation within the customer’s Role Center.
  • Connect capabilities that connect users from the Role Center with the Internet to access resources such as product updates, newsgroups, training and other tools that are targeted to their role.