Heated Gas-Powered DLI Vaporizer

Brooks Instrument has released a family of direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizer solutions. Designed for reliable liquid vaporization, the vaporizers employ heated gas, rather than a hot metal surface, to accomplish liquid vaporization. As liquid enters the heated gas chamber, it is atomized by a carrier gas stream. Once the atomized liquid contacts the hot gas, it immediately changes to vapor. The result is chemically pure vapor, free of decomposition byproducts or liquid carry-over. Moreover, a Brooks DLI vaporizer can accept multiple liquid inlets and will generate mixed vapors. The vaporizers accommodate an extraordinarily wide range of liquid properties:

  • Extremely low vapor pressures (sub 1 torr).
  • Very low flow rates (sub 5 grams per hour)
  • Very high flow rates (more than 15 kg/hr).

The DLI series also has:

  • Customizable for unique application requirements.
  • Fewer operational limitations than conventional vaporizing technologies.
  • A greatly reduced potential for liquid carry-over and its attendant problems.