Make Your Computer A Blower Expert

Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems recently updated BlowerXpert™ 8, a rotary blower selection tool available for blower sizing and selection. Now available for download, the BlowerXpert 8:

  1. Can size blowers based on discharge flow as well as inlet flow.
  2. Offers the Tuthill Package Wizard, which selects complete standard packages based on user-specified criteria, such as initial cost, noise and power required.
  3. Incorporates relative humidity into air applications.
  4. Features links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health online Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards for access to information about gases.
  5. Can enable/disable any of up to 4 operating conditions.
  6. Can easily customize browser-based document output.
  7. Automatically updates on startup.
  8. Implements Qube™ 1600 packages.
  9. Is compatible with Windows XP/Vista, 2.5 MB, v8.0.