A Valve That Doesn't Need To Fish For Compliments

Emerson introduces its Fisher® GX 3-way control valve and actuator system. According to the company, the GX delivers:

  • The ability to accurately control the temperature of water, oil, steam and other industrial fluids.

  • The flexibility to handle both flow mixing (converging) and splitting (diverging) applications without extra parts.

  • A flow cavity that can provide stable flow and reduce process variability.

  • Side- and bottom-port common trim.

  • An internal valve trim designed to ensure long service and avoid unnecessary maintenance.

  • Suitability for temperature and pH control applications, as well as heat exchanger and lubricating skid applications.

  • Availability with a complete accessory package, including the FIELDVUE® DVC2000 integrated digital valve controller.

  • Compliance with EN and ASME standards.