Centralized Mist Collector System

A "boxed solution" to airborne mist removal reduces pressure drop and energy use, delivers 10-year filter life, and promises 99.5 percent and greater capture efficiency. This long-life centralized CECO Mist Collector (CMC) system cuts operating costs and maintenance for mist elimination and allows effluent from multiple operations, even plant-wide, to be treated at one location. In turn, captured liquids and particulates can be collected for disposal or reprocessing. Horizontal design with side-door access to filters eliminates the need for overhead clearance, simplifying indoor installation where desired and enabling the system to be located on a mezzanine to free up floor space. Standard units are available in 18 sizes, providing 2,400 to 36,000 ACFM capacity. Systems can be engineered for specific applications with special configurations or material requirements.

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