Drum Chippers To Produce Bamboo Chips


1. The serial drum chippers of our company are a kind of special equipment that produces technological wood chips. Widely used in the production of medium-density fiberboard., ordinary shaving board and in the papermaking industry etc., it is used as the main machine of material-preparing process of wood chips, could be used as independent wood chip production equipment as well.
2. The raw materials for the serial drum chippers mainly include: log, small-diameter wood, tree-felling remainder (branch etc.), wood processing remainder (lath, slab, log core, abolish single-board.).
3. The serial drum chippers are of compact structure, ease of operation, high capacity, wide raw materials adaptability, high quality, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, it is the relatively advanced slicer at present both at home and abroad.
4. The serial drum chippers could meet the production capacity between 3 and 130 cubic meters of wood chips