Enhance automation flexibility and save costs with REKOFA® slip ring transmitters by Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials announces that its Electrical Carbon business offers slip ring transmitters that help enhance automation flexibility by enabling construction of half a dozen vehicle derivatives on a single line. The REKOFA® slip ring transmitters, also known as rotary distributors, have been approved by more than 30 automotive original equipment manufacturers around the world.
Morgan’s REKOFA 100 megabit per second (Mbit/s) continuously rotating over slip ring transmitters can considerably reduce cycle times, making them extremely cost effective compared to alternatives such as drag chains.
The product can be mounted on a turntable, rotating drum, or robot axis, ensuring the supply of data, current, and media to downstream components, including tensioning units and manifolds. Slip ring transmitters offer enormous programming scope, while requiring little or no maintenance, with a service life of up to 200 million revolutions. Their use also eliminates the need for a drag chain, removing the cost of servicing the drag lines.
Using repeaters integrated into the slip ring transmitters permits central monitoring of all components by system operators. The transmission and reception quality of the data is therefore accessible at any time, because the distributor is visible as a device on the network.
Morgan also offers hybrid rotary distributors, in which currents and media are transferred in tandem, enclosed in housing with an environmental protection class of up to IP68. With this option, power is distributed by contact. When used with a welding turntable, the current flows from the switch cabinet through the table axis to static metal rings known as slip rings. From there, contactors draw off the power from the rings while the table is turning. Connectors distribute the power to the items on the table.
The REKOFA rotary distributors are used with plastic optical fiber (POF) cable, ensuring safe transmission of sensitive data, even to welding systems. Media is also transferred in endless rotation, with special gaskets tailored to the specific medium. Standard media includes air and water, but oil, fuel gas and adhesives, including those used in window gluing systems, can also be combined in hybrid rotary distributors.
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