A Stronger, More Mobile Platform Truck

Hamilton Caster has re-introduced its model PB1108 2000-lb class platform truck using its DFMA principles, which have streamlined its manufacturing process.


Hamilton Caster (Hamilton, OH) has re-introduced its model PB1108 2000-lb class platform truck, which still has the all-steel frame and the kiln-dried hardwood deck that muffles noise and protects loads from damage. Better running gear -- 8" x 2" moldon rubber tired wheels with ball bearings -- reduce the required starting forces by as much as twenty percent. According to the company, these easy-moving wheels reduce operator fatigue, the threat of back injury, and other muscle strain. Thanks to improved manufacturing processes, the company says it can ship all models from the Hamilton, OH factory in as little as 24 hours.


Full details on the PB1108 can be found at www.hamiltoncaster.com.

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