Greenerd Builds, Delivers Hydraulic Press

Greenerd Press & Machine Company, Inc. announced they delivered a hydraulic press to ILSCO Corp., shifting from mechanical to hydraulic presses to form electrical connectors.

Greenerd Press & Machine Company, Inc. announced they recently delivered a 75-ton hydraulic press to ILSCO Corp., a leading hydraulic pressmanufacturer of electrical connectors located in Cincinnati, OH. The press marks a shift from mechanical presses to hydraulic presses to form their electrical connectors.

The Greenerd press is a 75-ton hydraulic press that ILSCO will use for punching, trimming and marking electrical connectors in aluminum, and forming in copper. With adjustable stroke length and tonnage, the new Greenerd press enabled ILSCO to replace three different, full-revolution mechanical presses with just one hydraulic press. The new press also allows ILSCO to further standardize die sets, which has reduced set-up time over 50%. In addition, the Greenerd machine is also safer to operate than their mechanical presses.

“After some investigation, we determined that hydraulic was a better option for our operation. Greenerd was the logical choice because of the company’s design and manufacturing expertise, solid reputation, reliability, prompt customer service and impeccable references,” said Mr. Keith Tipton, Manufacturing Engineer at ILSCO. “We have already seen first hand how the Greenerd press has improved our forming operation.”

The Greenerd press includes a heavy, welded frame that provides maximum rigidity and minimum deflection for accurate parts and long tool life. The machine also features a removable press table that makes it quick and easy to drill and tap tool-mounting holes or resurface the table. A large daylight and throat depth accommodates large dies, and long stroke lengths are adjustable from about 1" to a maximum of 18".

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