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619 Series Gas Delivery System

CONCOA's new easy-to-use laser gas delivery system is designed to eliminate atmospheric contamination during resonator gas cylinder exchange and maximize resonator efficiencies.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- A new easy-to-use laser gas delivery system designed to eliminate atmospheric contamination during resonator gas cylinder exchange has been introduced by CONCOA.

The 619 Series incorporates new beam-mode quality technology (M2) that minimizes atmospheric contamination caused by deposits reducing laser power output and distorting beam-mode quality.  Stable emission and higher resonator efficiencies are achieved through the low internal volume design and smooth flow paths that eliminate any entrapment of moisture or hydrocarbons. The 619 Series is ideal for materials processing applications utilizing laser pure/mixed resonator gases, laser purging gases, and maintenance gases from high-pressure supply.  

The 619 Series switchover delivers a continuous supply of resonator gas utilizing pressure- differential technology. It offers the industry’s smallest dead-volume space with an optional micro-purge especially designed for efficient and effective purging. Each hose includes an internal check valve that maintains gas purity, which lowers maintenance costs.   The 619 Series delivery system’s all-metal seal design incorporates stainless steel diaphragms and a 1x10-9 He cc/sec leak rate.  

The series offers a PTFE [for 3,000 PSIG (208 BAR) inlet] or Kel-F® seat [for 4,500 SIG (310 BAR) inlet]. Pressure gauges have a brass case and socket and a bronze Bourdon tube.  Operating temperature range is -40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C).  Stable flow and pressure control is maintained via two stages of regulation.  Various inlet and outlet connections are available, and basic regulator weight is 4.8 lbs. (2.16 kg).   Series 619 is among the company’s pressure control products registered in all Canadian provinces (CRN OH 5216.5C).