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Advance Storage Products’ New Full-Support System

The newest product, The Series 1 Full-Support System, adapts 2, 3 and 4 Deep Advance Pushback Systems to support a variety of pallet requirements.

At ProMat 2011, Advance Storage Products is introducing their newest exciting product: The Series 1 Full-Support System. By integrating level storage positions, the new Full-Support System improves upon previous industry designs and offers an ideal solution for applications such as milk-crate storage. The new Series 1 Full-Support system adapts 2, 3 and 4 Deep Advance Pushback Systems to support an infinite variety of different pallet requirements through offering nine exclusive support options.

In addition to level storage positions, Advance incorporates key product features into the Full-Support Level System to ensure durable, long-term operation. Welded Bed Frames ensure maintenance free operation. Support options include a variety of Picture Frame, 3-Strut, Bar Grating and Wire Deck solutions. Standard system sizes range from 36” to 48” wide and 60” Deep.

Ken Davison, Chief Engineer at Advance, states, “The new Advance Series 1 Full Support Pushback systems are the most versatile pushback in the industry. They have a lower profile than most and all surfaces are level. The carts are all linked together as a safety feature and well as built-in anti-cart lift-up. All bed frames are pre-welded for easy installation.”

The new Series 1 Full-Support Level is the premiere solution for storing unique pallets/products. By adapting the leading Advance Pushback technology, the Series 1 Full-Support successfully increases Pushback applications, thereby meeting customer’s warehouse needs and exceeding product expectations.

Advance Storage Products is the trusted leader in Pushback and Structural Racking systems, providing reliable service and innovative warehouse solutions. Advance’s Lo-Pro Pushback system is considered the Pushback industry standard for its low stack-height, innovative safety features and long-term durable operation. In addition, Advance’s new 10-Year Warranty upholds their long-recognized industry reputation for being a constant partner in solving all racking needs.