Assembly Solutions Accommodate Co-Molded Components

The Arthur G. Russell Company addresses complex material handling challenges for bulk sorting and automated assembling with systems operating at speeds to meet specific needs.

BRISTOL, CT -- Advancements in materials and molding processes have resulted in performance-enhancing, value-added Arthur Russellco-molded, and co-extruded components and cutting edge designs that present complex material handling challenges for bulk sorting and automated assembling. The Arthur G. Russell Company addresses these issues with automated assembly systems operating at a variety of speeds to meet specific product handling parameters and customer needs.

Co-molded and co-extrusion processes have integrated dissimilar materials. Complexities in handling components made from multiple materials with distinctively different physical characteristics and handling requirements present challenges for manufacturers across a wide cross section of industries.

“From time to time, we have been asked by existing and new customers to develop both slow and high speed solutions for automating the sorting or assembly of components that are co-molded or co-extruded using materials that offer some benefits to the end-user or downstream process, but do not lend themselves to traditional feeding and assembly methods. The trick from a manufacturing angle is to design adaptive feeding and handling systems that can accommodate the unique physical characteristics and material properties of the specific co-extruded or co-molded part,” explains Steven Johnson, Applications Engineer at The Arthur G. Russell Company.

Advantages for using multiple materials can include performance enhancements such as increasing core strength, achieving improved sound or vibration absorbency, reducing product weight, meeting sustainability objectives, and achieving attention-grabbing consumer appeal.  

Each co-extruded and co-molded component creates one-of-a-kind challenges for automated product feeding and handling that is addressed with a specially engineered, product-focused assembly system.

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