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Reid Expands Vibration Control Line Of Products

Reid Supply Company expanded their vibration control line of products that reduce noise levels, improve equipment service life, and enable machinery to run more accurately and efficiently.

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- What piece of equipment improves worker safety, extends the lifetime of industrial equipment, protects flooring and structural supports, and improves the accuracy of machine tools? Vibration control devices provide all of these benefits and Reid Supply Company has added hundreds to their product line.

Vibrations cause significant damage to both workers and machines over a long period of time. Vibrating machinery increases the noise level on a jobsite, which in turn increases the likelihood of hearing loss. Industrial equipment and their support structures take a similar pounding over time. Plus, trying to maintain proper work holding or even walking away is very difficult if a machine is vibrating heavily.

Steve Bliss, Director of Product Management for Reid Supply Company says that employing vibration control devices goes a long way towards correcting all of these problems.

“Vibration control devices are the perfect supplement to help increase the life of just about any machine,” says Bliss. “Vibration control is easy to integrate into any process and that’s why we’ve added hundreds of these devices to our product offering.”

Excessive movement of heavy machinery is a major source of hazards and issues in industry. A stable, balanced piece of industrial equipment will operate with reduced noise, enjoy an extended lifetime, reduce stress on the floor and supports, and improve manufacturing accuracy.

Vibration control devices significantly cut down on the excessive motion that causes harmful noise levels.

“Our customers are very concerned about work noise in their manufacturing plants,” says Bliss. “Vibration control devices like compression mounts, springs, pneumatics, vibration controlled leveling pads and anti-vibration pads not only save on the machine’s life, they also help immensely to control the noise level in the shop.”

Controlling excess motion also greatly increases the service life of industrial equipment as well as their support structures. The extra movement, friction, and grinding will wear down even the most sturdy machinery and break down flooring and supports. An inexpensive set of leveling pads or compression mounts will prevent this damage from occurring and greatly prolong the service life of any process machinery.

In addition to lowering maintenance costs, vibration control also improves production quality and reduces rejects. A balanced, stable operation is more accurate and requires less work holding. Any company looking for an instant boost in productivity and efficiency can utilize this technology.

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