Drones Take Off At PegaWORLD 2014

Drones were flying at Pegasystems’ annual user conference, PegaWORLD 2014.  Of particular interest was a session featuring a flying quad copter to demonstrate how Pega can interact with devices to orchestrate people, data and things to achieve successful outcomes. The scene was an Alaskan pipeline. A sensor alerts to a possible breach in the pipe and a drone is dispatched to illustrate how Pega can analyze the data, manage the processes, and recommend the next best actions for the operations teams as with field service via mobile devices. Pega employees entertained the crowd with the drone panning the audience and displaying images to large screens, doing repairs with duct tape, while delivering the serious message that Pega sees itself playing a big role in the Internet of Things. Other presentations included a Pega customer discussing the future of connected cars. It is clear that Pega has a big role to play in this exploding world of smart devices. 

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