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TEKLYNX Reports Strong Sales Growth

TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading developer of barcode labeling software solutions, reports strong sales growth and enhanced strategic partnerships with its channel at the end of its fiscal year.

MILWAUKEE - TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading developer of barcode labeling software solutions, reports strong sales growth and enhanced strategic partnerships with its channel at the end of its fiscal year. Thanks to expanded software solutions and services, the company has grown 31% over the past two years, with a 75% increase in enterprise software sales and professional services. This growth reflects an increased market need for enterprise applications to manage barcode labeling processes, along with TEKLYNX’ focus on strategic channel development. In addition, TEKLYNX launched enhanced versions of its labeling solutions – TEKLYNX CENTRAL, CODESOFT, LABELVIEW and LABEL MATRIX – for full compatibility with the Windows 8 platform and alignment with industry regulations like the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).

TEKLYNX also showcased their responsiveness to end users and partners through the launch of expanded licensing and support services in 2013. The barcode labeling software developer offers the only subscription licensing option in the industry. By providing the choice of an annual licensing option or a standard perpetual license, TEKLYNX has given its end users the flexibility to choose the best payment method for their organization, while providing resellers with an opportunity for recurring revenue. The company also re-launched its Knowledge Base, which offers a self-help solution for frequently asked support questions. Since the re-launch in June 2013, the Knowledge Base has garnered over 136,000 views. “TEKLYNX’ customer service and technical support is second-to-none,” said a TEKLYNX reseller. “Whatever the company is doing to get and keep good people, they should keep doing it. TEKLYNX is a rare pleasure to work with.”

In May 2013, TEKLYNX launched their Strategic Partner Program to provide focused sales and marketing support and in-depth product training to its reseller channel. Today, there are over 75 partners in the program, which has contributed to 20% growth in partner revenue. Of the top partners in the program, five grew their revenue more than 100%, with two increasing by more than 200%. “Through TEKLYNX’ dedication to providing best-in-class solutions, our resellers and end users have seen our commitment to helping them improve their labeling processes,” said Laura Henderson, General Manager of TEKLYNX. “Their significant growth has, in turn, fueled TEKLYNX’ growth, as we strive to deliver meaningful business results for our clients and partners.”

TEKLYNX plans to build out their enterprise sales and professional services teams in 2014, to accommodate the growth in these areas generated by the Strategic Partner Program, and continue to expand the success of the initiative. The TEKLYNX Americas Product Management team is working closely with R&D on product upgrades and enhancements to address customer feedback, along with industry requirements and government regulations that are impacting their client base. “As we look ahead to 2014, TEKLYNX will continue to develop innovative, forward-thinking solutions that address our customers’ business challenges,” said Henderson.  “Our top priority is to provide our clients and partners with first-class technology and the high level of support they expect and deserve.”

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