New ERP Cloud And Saas Buyer’s Guide Released

Toronto, Canada -- Eval-Source Management Consulting and enterprise software Analyst firm is excited to announce the release of their third version of the popular ERP Cloud and Saas Buyer’s Guide.

Cloud technology is projected to be a $63 million dollar market by the end of 2014. ERP Cloud spend will be a significant part of that market and software buyer’s require the best information and thought leadership in order to make the right decisions. The ERP Cloud and Saas Buyer’s Guide Version 3 by Eval-Source provides buyer’s with the latest trends and the list of the top software vendors within the ERP Cloud space.

“We are very excited about the third version of our ERP Cloud and Saas Buyer’s guide. Since the release of the first ERP Cloud Guide in 2010, the market has changed and we wanted to represent that change and educate buyers about the ERP Cloud market, through this guide.” Said Dylan Persaud, Managing Director at Eval-Source.

The new version of the ERP Cloud and Saas Buyer’s Guide has updated trends of the latest technology. Solution providers featured in the ERP Cloud and Saas Buyer’s Guide Version 3 are, Accumatica, Epicor, Intacct, MicroSoft, Plex, Pronto, Ramco, Sage, Syspro, Technology Management Concepts (Netsuite) Unit4, ProcessPro, Financial Force and SAP.

“Our goal is to educate and drive awareness about ERP Cloud technology so buyers can gain a thorough understanding of the market landscape. One unique aspect of our ERP Cloud Buyer’s guide is our categorization section.” Said Dylan. “Within the ERP Cloud and Saas space each solution has a unique approach in addressing business problems for companies looking at an ERP and we wanted buyer’s to categorize their organization accordingly. This is often a disconnect point between organizations and vendors” Explained Dylan.

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