Fabricating.com Champions American Factories As Reshoring Gains Momentum

Fabricating.com’s groundbreaking Precise Matching platform showcases U.S. manufacturers ready to take on reshored work.

NEW JERSEY -A key supporter of domestic manufacturing, Fabricating.com is helping U.S. manufacturers promote their capabilities and capture jobs that are being reshored.

The importance of U.S. manufacturing cannot be overstated. It's part of our American fabric like baseball, apple pie and Bruce Springsteen-it also encompasses our entrepreneurial spirit, empowers innovation and is an important driver of the U.S. economy.

According to a recent survey by the Boston Consulting Group, the majority of manufacturers are now planning or considering reshoring from China to the U.S. As the costs and risks of offshoring production continue to elevate and companies see the enormous benefits to innovation, quality and flexibility by bringing manufacturing home, Fabricating.com stands ready with a network of qualified U.S. suppliers.

“Global economics are shifting to support a healthy U.S. manufacturing sector and American-made products,” said Frank Russo, CEO and co- founder of Fabricating.com. “We fully support the trend and encourage anyone with questions about sourcing in the U.S. to contact us or visit the Fabricating.com marketplace.”

The cloud-based Fabricating.com platform is a high-tech sourcing alternative that stretches across the U.S. with matching capabilities to connect buyers with American suppliers of metal and plastic custom parts.

“With lean practices and advanced manufacturing capabilities, U.S. manufacturers can be competitive on total cost, quality and delivery,” commented Frank. He went on to say, “With our instant access ‘SourceNow’ platform, companies that are reshoring are easily matched with U.S. suppliers that have the right capabilities for production.”

Fabricating.com is a critical player in advancing the reshoring initiative. The platform promotes U.S. manufacturers and enables companies seeking to produce custom parts in the U.S. to easily build and manage a robust network of American suppliers.

“Our online sourcing platform is giving U.S. suppliers the ability to take advantage of the shifting global economics that are creating an American Manufacturing Renaissance. We showcase the capabilities of our American suppliers so that they can win jobs,” Frank stated.

Fabricating.com has set the new standard for sourcing in the U.S., delivering the network needed by engineers and purchasing professionals to carve out next-gen supplier networks that stimulate the economy and energize our nation of makers.

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