Opto 22 And eSight Energy Announce Strategic Partnership

TEMECULA, Calif. -- A new strategic partnership between Opto 22 and eSight Energy has allowed the two companies to integrate their respective offerings, and enabled Opto 22 to expand its portfolio of energy management software platforms that can communicate with and present energy data gathered by the OptoEMU Sensor.  Facility managers, building owners, energy managers, and others now have yet another option for monitoring, gathering, and visualizing their energy consumption in order to understand usage, pinpoint problems, reduce utility bills, and minimize energy-related costs. 

Developed by Chicago-based eSight Energy, eSight is a web-based energy management and analysis suite that interfaces with the OptoEMU Sensor and allows commercial and industrial customers to connect to metering devices, electrical panels, machines, and equipment. eSight presents energy consumption data for viewing and analysis from any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone over the Internet.

Janie Jefferies-Freer, President of eSight Energy, Inc. commented, "We are excited to announce our partnership with Opto 22. The collaboration lets current and future Opto 22 customers easily integrate their OptoEMU Sensors with eSight's advanced analytic capabilities, which will provide maximum visibility into energy usage. The combined solution enables quick and effective identification of anomalies in consumption, thereby allowing significant energy and cost savings to be made."

Opto 22 and eSight Energy will debut their integrated energy monitoring, management, and data analysis offering August 24th at the eSight Energy Annual Summit at Soldier Field in Chicago. This is a free event where energy professionals working in manufacturing, property management, education, and consulting gather to share knowledge and ideas for managing energy and reducing costs. Representatives from Opto 22 and eSight Energy will demonstrate the OptoEMU Sensor's monitoring capabilities to show how it uses standard wired and wireless networks to aggregate and communicate data from industrial systems for real-time analysis in eSight. 

"By combining our expertise and enabling our technology to work with that of several different energy management software providers, including eSight Energy, we're able to give engineering and automation teams multiple ways to gain the visibility and data they need to establish new energy usage policies and practices that significantly cut their utility bills," says Opto 22 CEO Mark Engman.