CIMx Software Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Cincinnati, OH -- CIMx Software is celebrating 15 years as a leader in paperless manufacturing software solutions. CIMx has grown from a high-tech startup in 1996 to a national supplier to Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. The focus has always been to improve manufacturing by creating an error-proof shop floor. 

CIMx Software experienced continued growth through the creation of innovative technology that transformed the shop floor from a static paper-based environment to a dynamic web-enabled one. With mounting obstacles facing manufacturers such as budget pressure, regulatory compliance, increased competition and the need to accelerate time to market, CIMx Software’s solutions are a key strategic component of customer’s improvement initiatives. These solutions have resulted in recorded savings to customers of over $250,000,000 in operating costs.

CIMx understands the importance of sustainable software that meets the needs of both the shop floor and the overall business. CIMx created a new generation of software that could be optimized to meet the unique needs at each manufacturing site without creating custom software. The result is a dramatic reduction in the software lifecycle cost and a strategic opportunity for customers to be more competitive.    

From small beginnings in 1996, CIMx Software is now providing some of the most cost-efficient and powerful technology to help improve the competitiveness of global manufacturing companies. Kristin, McLane, President of CIMx said, “We look forward to the next 15 years, challenging the conventional way of doing things and continuing a sustained stream of innovation for our customers.”