Green Hills Unveils New Software Solutions

SANTA BARBARA –Green Hills Software, Inc., an independent vendor of embedded software solutions, recently announced the availability of Green Hills Software’s multicore embedded software solutions for the OCTEON® II family of multicore processors from Cavium Networks, a provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications, and the digital home.

The new OCTEON II IAP processor family is designed to fuel the voice, video, and data convergence driven by mobile internet, enterprise, and data center applications that require a dramatic increase in intelligent packet processing, secure application delivery and quality-of-service performance.

Green Hills Software’s feature-rich portfolio of software solutions has been optimized to support Cavium’s OCTEON II specialized networking and security accelerators. These enhancements provide customers the ability to utilize the unique processor-specific capabilities in the OCTEON II to achieve performance and throughput, while delivering multicore debugging capabilities for the complex, million-line-plus applications found in today’s networking and telecom systems.

The OCTEON II processors, with 8 to 32 MIPS64® cores, deliver up to a 4x performance increase and up to 3x improvement in performance/watt over OCTEON Plus processors, enabling Cavium’s OEM customers to deliver breakthrough next-generation solutions, which address critical inflection points.