IBM Unveils Smart Energy Software Technology

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — IBM Corp. is rolling out new software and services that can help companies make their buildings more energy efficient.

IBM said Thursday that with its sustainability management system, building-management systems from companies like Schneider Electric and Honeywell/Tridium can gather real-time data from different systems — such as heating, lighting or elevators — and IBM's software can suggest or automatically make adjustments that will improve energy use.

The adjustments could come in the form of alerting a building superintendent to lower or turn up the heat, or having the building do so automatically, for example.

IBM said it is first putting this smart energy technology in its Armonk, N.Y. headquarters and its Rochester, Minn. manufacturing facility.

IBM, which is the world's biggest provider of information-technology services and a major supplier of business software, also said that it is expanding its work with energy management company Schneider Electric to come up with services that help monitor and make buildings more energy efficient.