Aberdeen's 'To ERP or Not to ERP' Report Available From Plex Systems

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Plex Systems, Inc., provider of Plex Online, Cloud ERP for manufacturers, recently announced the availability of a groundbreaking analyst report titled “To ERP or Not to ERP: For Manufacturers It Isn’t Even a Question.” Authored by Aberdeen Group researchers, Plex Systems is sponsor of the timely report now available as a free download. 

The report reveals that 26 percent of manufacturers have yet to implement ERP solutions. Researchers analyze why these manufacturers opt to continue with multiple business systems, standalone spreadsheets, or manual methods to track production, operation, inventory, shop floor and other operations.

“Many manufacturing companies in a range of industries feel they are moving too fast and don’t have the internal resources to evaluate or implement ERP solutions,” notes Plex Systems Vice President Patrick Fetterman. “This report illustrates that, on average, ERP systems deliver positive changes in operational performance. The report offers practical steps companies can take to reap the advantages of standardized and streamlined business processes delivered by an effective ERP implementation.”

Download the free ERP research report from Plex Systems Resource Center.