Continental Tire, Working With AeroScout And PHI DATA, Extends WIP Visibility Solution To Its Factory In France

REDWOOD CITY, CA -- AeroScout, the leading provider of Enterprise Visibility solutions, today announced that PHI DATA, an AeroScout Gold partner, was selected to implement and integrate AeroScout's Work-in-Process (WIP) Visibility solution for a Continental Tire factory in Sarreguemines, France. The AeroScout solution is also currently deployed in Continental Tire's 60-acre North American manufacturing plant in Mount Vernon, Illinois in the United States.

"Continental Tire already implemented an AeroScout Wi-Fi RFID system in one of our factories in the United States. My American colleagues were so enthusiastic about the solution that we decided to use it in Sarreguemines as well," said François Gérard, Director France Operations at Continental Tire in Sarreguemines. "While our production levels are higher, our plant is half the size, making it very dense and challenging tolocate material. After the first phase, we are already certain that hard-to-find material can be found with precision."

The Sarreguemines factory, which consists of a collection of buildings, manufactures approximately 33,000 tires daily. The process involves a series of specialized steps where rubber and other material are brought together at specific equipment within precise timeframes. Traditionally, manually locating the large carriers used for material transport was difficult and inefficient, resulting in wasted time and materials.

"We are confident that this project will result in a high ROI, and that this technology will help us to boost production from 33,000 to 37,000 tires perday," said Christian Matejicek, IT Manager at Continental Tire in Sarreguemines.

PHI DATA is responsible for implementing the AeroScout solution and integrating it withContinental Tire's standard Wi-Fi network. With the solution, Continental Tire employees can check where a carrier is located in real-time from a Wi-Fi enabled computer, helping to ensure that every carrier arrives at the rightmachine at the right time, reducing delays and errors while increasing daily output.

"We are pleased that Continental Tire is rolling out AeroScout's WIP Tracking and Visibility solution at another of its factories," said Janet Chaffin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Industrial Solutions at AeroScout. "AeroScout is proud to help Continental Tire boost production at manufacturing factories in both North America and Europe."